Christopher Columbus

set out on his exploration journey one day. He first rode across the land…

then sailed across the sea…

and lo and behold! He found a handbag!

He wasted no time in exploring it…

And to his great pleasure, he found a proximity pass!

He has now gained the keys to *drumroll* mummy’s office. Now baby Sophia just needs to grow tall enough to tap it on the sensor.


2 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus

  1. Haha Elaine, these are such familiar scenes in our house!! We recently bought exactly the same ride – Playskool right? Kah Yen also likes to use her high chair as a walker to maneuver around the house, and she is fascinated in Mummy’s bag too! She used to take out all things, but now her favorate is Mummy’s wallet. I have to stop her becoz she likes to open the coins pouch and takes out the coins, I am afraid she may put into her mouth. The cutest thing is when she sees my IC in the wallet she will point and say “mama’…that’s a very old photo I am surprised she can recognize…

    I so enjoy visiting your blog coz we have a similar age daughter…can I add you onto my blogroll later when I decide to compile one?

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