To lasik or not to lasik?

Recently Sophia has been objecting to me wearing glasses. Whenever she is within range of my glasses she says “bueh!” (her version of I don’t want or 不要) and grabs it off my face. Which re-ignites my interest in lasik. The thought of a future spectacles-free contact lenses -free life really appeals to me but reading all the medical literature about lasik flap complications really freaks me out. Of course, there is information saying lasik is a rather safe procedure and everyone around me who has gone through the process emerged happy with it. Still, it is unnecessary and has a potential risk (albeit small one) to cause serious vision issues. So I’m still in two minds about it.

I’m really sounding like a bimbo who only only cares about looks in this post but I’m just bursting with the desire to shout out that I met a bunch of new people yesterday and they all thought I was a student! When they knew I was a lawyer they got a shock then assumed I was fresh out of law school so they got a second/third shock when they realised I have been working for some 6 years and already am a mum!

Anyway, sorry to digress, back to lasik, what do you think? To go for it or not? The thought of being able to run after Sophia without pushing up glasses slipping down sweaty noses or blinking back blurness caused by dry contact lenses is very appealing. But the thought of potential complications is not. Oh what is a mum to do?


7 thoughts on “To lasik or not to lasik?

  1. I had Lasik surgery done about 8 years ago, although it was with initial apprehension that I decided to go ahead with it.

    It proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.

    I didn’t have it done for cosmetic reasons either. I had astigmatism, and my degree was in the pretty high range, most probably from sneaky reading of story books under the covers when young. I wore glasses since I was ten years old, and switched to contacts in my teens.

    Problem with wearing contacts is that my eyes tend to get dry, and wearing it for long hours meant I was always plagued with headaches. Between cleaning, sterilising and storage, it was also a hassle. I couldn’t get used to wearing glasses after contacts because I felt uncomfortable with the limited vision (glasses don’t offer us a free range view) and yah – I admit I was vain! It was my teenage years, after all! 😀

    However, the decision to have Lasik surgery was made because my persistent headaches and blurred visions due to dry eyes was affecting my work. I’m a graphic designer, dealing with marketing and advertising, so my job involved hours in front of a computer screen, fixing lines, colours and details. I used to get home with a splitting headache and everything swimming around me.

    I was one of the guinea pigs for laser lasik. Had to have tests done to ascertain that I was suitable for the surgery, based on the curvature of my cornea, depth of degree, and pupil reaction. I opted NOT to view the video on the surgery itself (it was showing in the waiting room) as I didn’t want to get ideas in my head and rescind on my decision.

    They sat me on a reclining chair, asked me to look at a red dot, taped my eyes open and applied eye drops. Ten ticking sounds later – yes I counted – and it was done! Doc went on to my other eye, did the same… and I was helped up.

    First thing I saw at a far distance was the surgery room’s clock. I could tell the time from about 5 metres away! That feeling was indescribable.

    I went home with sunglasses and the advice of not to swim as well as to avoid direct sunlight and dusty places for the next two weeks. After the numbing eyedrops wore off, I felt a smarting pain, which was not unbearable. I was out and about with my new pair of eyes the very next day… and I’ve not looked back since!

    Side effects – there aren’t many. I see ‘light rings’ around harsh bright lights at night, and my eyes are sensitive to extreme brightness. I also see better in softer lighting, and would turn down halogen lights to its barest minimum. I think I’ve become a bat.

    Doing the surgery is a personal choice, and like many procedures, it carries its risks. I would, however, recommend the laser lasik option (even though its more expensive, but eyesight is not something we would want to compromise) as opposed to the conventional slicing of the cornea layer.

    • I stare at the computer screen all day looking at documents as well and I have the same dry eyes so if I were to wear contacts I would have the same headache issues as you did. I stuck with glasses for work days instead as a result.

      Oh absolutely no-blade lasik for me, that is not even a consideration. Whether to go for the no-flap option though is something I’m still considering. Seems to me like it actually carries more risk than conventional lasik but wonder if its better long term as in no flap dislocation risk.

      Everyone around me who went for lasik say the same thing about lasik as you do. It was the best thing they have done. And I have not personally heard of complications among this same group. So perhaps I should just take the plunge!
      Everyone I know who has gone for it

      • You should… I remember the most vivid recollection about waking up with (almost) perfect eyesight was that I could see what time it was without having to grope around for my glasses! 😀

        Given the number of lasik procedures done today, I’m sure it wouldn’t carry as much risks as when I first had it done. I think it’s very common now – and my mum convinced me (yes – I’m embarrassed to admit that she’s more happening than I am!) by calculating how much I would save on contact lenses!

  2. I think you should. I went for mine and it was of the best decisions I had made.
    I no longer got to wear specs or contact lens. My eyes were spared from all the infections prolong contact lens wearer got to go through.
    You need to do your own research on the pros and cons of lasik. There are 1% of people that went to lasik gone blind. So it’s a risk as well.
    Please find a reliable and reputable eye doctor to do the lasik. Find one that don’t hurried through the procedure.
    I have trwo side effects from lasik. My eyes can’t adjust to darkness readily as before. My eyes turned red easily esp if I am tired. Otherwise I am great.
    Take your time to consider and try consulting an eye doctor on your concerns 🙂

  3. Read up whatever u can and make a informed decision. For me, I have no guts as the pros seem to outweigh the cons, plus I cannot imagine living with glasses with the rest of my life if the op is not successful. Simply, I have no guts ;(

  4. My baby girl also likes to take my glass off from me…also when I carry her if she moves too much or she is fussy then my glass will knock her on her face…..However I am comfortable with glass now maybe I will consider Lasik later….

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