An unexpected beauty

On my way home from work both yesterday and today during lunch I walked past this small lane covered in tiny fallen flowers that were still fluttering off the branches. It was almost as pretty a sight as the sakuras I reckon. And right here at my doorstep where I can enjoy the view in peace for as long as I like without jostling with flocks of tourists. Ahh… How I love chancing upon such sights. I almost felt young again, just like when I found tge jacaranda trees in full bloom just before the exams when I was studying in Sydney and suddenly forgot all the stress of having to memorize Roman law’s bizarre provisions such as the penalty of the sack, which was really the only provision in Justinian’s Institutes that i can still recall today. If you really must know, it involves sewing the convicted into a leather sack together with a dog, a monkey, a snake and a rooster. Not really topic for a baby blog I know. I’m sorry. Here are pictures of the pretty flowery scene to make up for it.




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