Health Promotion Board Healthy Eating in School Guidelines

I chanced upon this article published by the Health Promotion Board. I know this has been out there for a long time and my friends who are teachers or otherwise in civil service or healthcare industry would think I’m really slow in catching on but nevertheless, I think these are good guidelines that can be adopted at home for the average Singaporean trying to move towards healthier living.

Now, if I were drafting these guidelines I would probably not draft them these way but then again, I am known for being OCD and that could be the reason why my daughter is so petite.

For what its worth, here are the guidelines as amended by me:

1) Thou shall not drink any drink other than plain water, fresh milk (can be full cream or low fat) and unsweetened asian brewed drinks like barley and green bean soup

2) Thou shall only eat deep fried food and preserved food once a week

3) Thou shall consume only good fats such as cold pressed olive oil and avocadoes. Dairy products are allowed and full cream versions are fine. No lard, ghee and other solid fats shall be used in food preparation, other than butter in small quantities.

4) Thou shall use only skinless poultry breast and lean cuts of meat in food preparation

5) Each serving of main course should comprise at least 1/3 vegetables, at least 1/3 meat or other protein and less than 1/3 carbohydrate

6) Consume at least one serving each of 2 types of food a day (one serving being approximately one medium sized apple)

7) Gravy/sauce shall not be served. Soup is perfectly fine.

8) Drinks lots of plain water.

9) Use wholegrain products for at least half the carbohydrate portion of main courses. e.g. cook rice with half brown and half white rice. Even better if the entire serving can be wholemeal. Particularly for breads, wholemeal breads are rarely made with 100% wholemeal flour but closer to 50% as wholemeal flour seldom contain sufficient gluten content for the bread to be formed properly. Hence 1 slice of wholemeal and 1 slice of white bread translates to just 25% wholegrains.

10) Limit snacks to nuts and unsweetened dried fruits, in moderation.

Do you now pity Sophia for being my daughter? I’m not tiger (food) mum though, when we are out and about I do make exceptions and even at home my general rule is if she consumes enough of healthy food she can have junk on top. E.g. today at lunch I put an inch long strand of my egg noodles on top of every heaped spoonful of the quinoa, spinach, fish and egg porridge she took. I think its a good balance and in fact encourages her to consume much more of the healthy stuff than she otherwise would have. Of course, I am now at the stage where the more she eats the better but if you happen to have an obese kid maybe its better to just go all the way and offer only healthy choices.

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