Great World City

As a general rule, Sophia prefers being outdoors to going to places like malls or even playgms, but sometimes its not possible to be out, like on rainy days. And on days like this, one of my favourite malls is great world city. Its a pretty decent mall with a well stocked supermarket and a nice mix of dining and shopping options. But the best thing I like about it is that it is usually not particularly crowded. And there are enough kids things to keep Sophia entertained, the obvious one being Amazonia which, even though we have been going to Great World City quite a bit these days, we actually have not checked out, but apart from that there are also quite a few things that Sophia likes.

1) Toy / party supplies shops

There are quite a few of these and Sophia can spend quite a bit of time tearing through the shops, pushing the trollies and scooters, hugging the bears and checking out the cars. And getting disturbed by mummy:

Mummy, get rid of the tag before putting this on my face please

2) Pet shop – beware of ceramic bowls inside the shop though, Sophia broke one that I had to pay for. I still couldn’t figure out what it was for. And broken pieces are potentially dangerous. I’m glad Sophia didn’t cut herself. Peering into the cages from outside the shop is highly recommended.

Sophia's favourite rabbits

How incredibly cute is this mouse??

3) Arcade. She’s not really old enough to mind that I’m not actually dropping a coin in the slot for the machines to do what its actually supposed to do so I’m quite glad.

Mum, look what I found!


I can drive!


2 thoughts on “Great World City

  1. The driving photo is really cute! She is such a good girl, mine will keep pushing the ‘START” button if we ever sit her on one of these rides, she will push and look at us…then we will be too guilty not to put a coin in….

    • So clever of Kah Yen! I guess I don’t put a coin in often enough so Sophia still hasn’t drawn the connection. She’s only been on a moving ride once when her paternal grandparents visited from China. Thereafter we didn’t continue the practice.

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