I don’t love you

My mum and I were devastated. Last Saturday morning my mum randomly asked Sophia (in mandarin) whether she liked grandpa (nod), grandma (shake), grandaunt (nod), mummy (shake) and daddy (no reaction). I wasn’t present when this took place so I easily brushed it off as random reaction where she doesn’t know what the words really meant. But it affected me enough to try it again later in the day in English: Sophia, do you love mummy? (shake) Do you love gong gong? (nod) Do you love grand aunt? (nod) Do you love popo? (shake) Do you love daddy? (nod!!) Argh! The answers are the same!

After this though, she refused to answer these question anymore.

Even though her questions to the verbal questions are unequivocal, her actions are a bit ambiguous though. For instance this morning she insisted that I carry her rather than her grandpa and refused to let go of me even when we reached my workplace. In fact, when we were leaving home, she pointed stubbornly at my slippers and refused to leave the house with me wearing work shoes. At lunch when I returned she cried the moment she heard the sound of door opening indicating that I was about to leave home. Now if she doesn’t love me, she shouldn’t really care. I’m utterly confused.

My love for Sophia is unconditional of course. But I would strongly prefer it if she loves me back!

7 thoughts on “I don’t love you

  1. Haha…take it easy, I am sure you are not sadden by this right?. They are babies, and we just can’t take too seriously sometimes. My daughter, pushed me away sometimes when I asked for kiss and hug. And when both Daddy n Mummy offer to carry her, she always chooses Daddy!…..Also I think they choose those who always play with them. Of course Daddies and Grandpa only play with them when Mummies and Grandma are the one cook and then force them to eat, force them to nap, force them to go bed on time all the time!

    • I know! Its so unfair isn’t it? I know I can’t take it seriously but still its a bit of a shock to me because she often chooses me over daddy and grandpa although all of us know that grandaunt is her favourite.

      • Sophia is so lucky to have so many people doting on her…..One thing which may cheer us up is, when they are sick, or tired or moody they tend to look for mummies, yeah! We are irreplaceable

  2. Hey dont’ worry – she might be doing it just to see your reaction! Kids sometimes have a wierd sense of humour – it might amuse her to see you distraught. I know mine does. Both kids also like to laugh at me when I choke on water! = /

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