I am the queen!

Sophia has been drinking all her milk from a straw cup since she was 13 months plus and has been holding her own milk bottle for months and months, so she’s perfectly capable of holding her own cup and drinking from it right? But when both grandparents and grandaunt are around, this is what happens:


4 thoughts on “I am the queen!

  1. That photo is so funny!! I think it is because as they get more mobile they just can’t sit still and drink milk or eat their meals. Mine still drinks from bottle. I tried to give her straw cup, but it is very difficult to make her finish at one go. She associates straw cup with water only

    • I can totally appreciate the difficulty in switching to straw cup. Sophia is very easy when it comes to milk in the sense that if she starts drinking she will usually finish up the entire cup/bottle quickly with no stops in the middle. But even she goes through bottle and straw cup rejection phases when I switch from latching to bottle and from bottle to cup. She will just swat the bottle/cup away and cry if we force her too much. But I guess even though I don’t have a textbook baby, I’m very much a textbook mummy and if the dentist says no bottles after 1 I’m very determined to wean her off. But to be sensible about it, there’s actually no hurry, I know people who drink from a bottle up to 3 years old or even up to 7 and their teeth are still perfectly normal looking.

  2. Hi happen to chance upon your blog when I was looking for information on feeding baby fresh milk.. My baby is exclusively breast fed and now that I am trying to wean her off, found that she simply detest formula and won’t drink at all! Just want to find out from you when do you start feeding your baby fresh milk? When is she totally off breastmilk? Thanks!!

    • Hi, thank you for commenting. I had the same issue as you, my exclusively breastfed baby refused to drink formula so it was the natural choice for me to just go with fresh milk which at least Sophia would drink. I first started weaning her when she was about 13 months and completely weaned by the time she was about 14 months. The books I read said its fine to feed babies full cream fresh milk if fine from 1 year old onwards, from what I see it hasn’t done her any harm. Feel free to message me if you have any other questions about my experience with fresh milk 🙂

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