Picotin is this french restaurant at horse city with a large alfresco area. I like horsecity. The separate houses used to be horse stables but now have been converted into enrichment schools, spas and restaurants. It just has such a countryside feel to it and I think that was partly why I liked Stacatto! music school too, the whole environment was just so relaxed.

What's this place?

Part of the large alfresco dining area

Sophia clearly liked the place enough to get into some quiet mischief.

I'm smoking

Look, now I'm an acrobat!

The highlight of the trip though was not the freeflow of bread (to her) that she got from mummy’s plate but the rabbits next door. She was absolutely delighted to see so many rabbits running around. You can get a pack of veges ($1) or carrots ($2) to feed them with but Sophia didn’t get to do that. I didn’t think she minded a lot. She was just grinning away the moment she saw them.

No wonder dogs and rabbits consistently got nods to the “do you love XXX” question even though mummy, daddy, gong gong and po po get mixed answers depending on her mood.

Didn't get a photo of Sophia with the rabbits but in the background is the "stable" housing the rabbits







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