Rabbit takes a bath

Its not a secret that I have a very dirty baby. She’s never complained about a dirty diaper and is happy to walk around with a shirt wet with drool. So its not surprising that she doesn’t keep her toys clean either. Just last week she spat berry coloured liquid multi-vitamin syrup on her soft toy rabbit and we had to put it in the washing machine. After that rabbit hung by its ears on the clothesline for a day to dry and throughout this period Sophia was constantly pointing to rabbit and demanding for it.

I thought the traumatising experience of not having rabbit to play with would be a sufficient deterrent against dirtying rabbit again so when she tried to carry rabbit with papaya stained hands I said “No no, your hands are dirty, if you hug rabbit it would need to go for a bath!” she couldn’t care less but proceeded to hug rabbit anyway. Then did this to rabbit:


That’s Sophia’s bathtub in case you’re wondering. I hate the bright red but it was part of my chinese wedding necessities so from an environmentally sound point of view it makes most sense to just use it instead of throwing it into an incinerator after the wedding.

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