Ever since Sophia learnt to walk I’ve completely neglected noting her development. I do know that she has learnt a lot but the eager checking of boxes is definitely gone. Still, the developments are nothing short of miraculous really. Here are just some examples of thing I’ve just realised she can do over the past week:

1) appreciate that keys fit into locks and attempt to open letterboxes with keys:


2) fish little pebbles out of a small hole:


3) hold a pencil the “proper” way – almost.


Her fine motor skills are developing well as far as I can tell. Now only if I can get her to be potty trained. That’s the next milestone that will get me jumping for joy!

2 thoughts on “Dexterity

  1. Sophia holds the pencil so well! Are the letters written by her??

    I just shared recently too that every since my daughter passed 1, walking is the only milestone I have been expecting and the rest of her developments and new skills she learnt have pretty much passed me unnoticed. šŸ˜¦ The only other thing I still observe very closely is her language development

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