5 thoughts on “Sophia has friends! (And I am glad its wordless wednesday

  1. Haha..Friends make you laugh and also make you cry sometimes..the pictures say so perfectly 🙂 Nice montage. Is this by the very famous Instagram? I kept hearing this name but I dread learning new softwares. 😦

    • I hate learning new anything techy! Don’t bother with instagram if you find it too much of a hassle to learn a new app. I’m still amazed it sold for a billion though.

      The default iPhone camera took the photos and P&P collage put them together. Instagram, as far as I can tell, takes photos, overlays effects (mostly sepia-like to me but don’t slam un-artistic me for saying it) and shares them with your friends on instagram. I don’t think it stitches photos together. But hey, I’m the most un-tech savvy person so don’t take my word for it. Some of my pics are taken with instagram though, like the octopus mouth one. My gripe is it takes forever to take one picture, overlay image, upload before you can take the next pic but with kids sometimes I just want to snap snap snap before the moment is lost.

      • Thanks for the reply. For now I won’t be thinking of using Instagam too. I need to be able to take nice photos first, before I go any furhter. Most of my photos are taken using iPhone.

      • Ur pics are nice! I find it difficult to shoot Sophia since she always tries to snatch my phone. Do you have the same problem?

  2. Thanks Elaine. I am lucky Kah Yen is not really interested in my phone, coz I tried not to use my phone too much while I am with her. Maybe you can try to tell her Mummy is taking pretty photos of her, and show her the photos and tell her how pretty they are. Next time she will pose or even smile for you when u say “Let Mummy take pretty photo of you”. Really! They are girls and at this age they already know “I want to be pretty!”

    Recently I started to try saying ‘Give mummy a smile Kah Yenn when taking photo of her and she seems to understand that! I am sure Sophia will too sure

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