Adventure day

At least I think it would seem like that to Sophia. I brought her to 3 different places in one day. Okay, in one of the 3 she got a jab but in the grand scheme of things I think its a fun day. Anyway, I think I only have time and energy for the last segment of the day today so no jabs in this post.

I mentioned bunny feeding at horsecity in a recent post. We went back late afternoon on monday but the bunny feeding place was closed to the disappointment of Sophia.

Mummy, open the door for me!

But to the (secret) delight of mummy because the rabbit “cage” was filthy. Not sure if its clear from this picture but bunnies are hopping around and eating off hay covered in their own poo poo. The smell was evident too. I wasn’t too keen on Sophia stepping around inside since she often walks around at home with shoes on and sometimes grabs her shoes when she’s trying to take them off.

After staring at bunnies from all angles and learning the first 2-syllabus word (eh-bit aka rabbit), we headed to Picotin for a dinner of pizza. Sophia was supposed to have beef with brown rice but she needed to be tricked with a piece of pizza on top of each spoonful of rice. And even then spat a lot on the floor when there was too much rice too little pizza. When she’s finally gotten some food into her tummy, she went exploring with big sister H around the restaurant. I must say my girl is quite the little explorer. She just tottered around on her own and often we had to send H after her (with little success). These days I’ve been overwhelmed by how quickly Sophia is growing up but she still looks so tiny next to H. There’s my cute little one.

What’s outside?


How do you open this door?


Let me show you


Thank you jie jie!


cheeky pizza face


Already bored by the time H comes over to play!

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