Last weekend I managed to have some me-time where I was able to head to Antionette just round the corner from my place for tea with an old friend. Food was good, albeit very sweet. I had the french toast and it looked rather unimpressive when served but boy wad it good! I think its because they use brioche bread. You can really taste the buttery difference.


My friend had the Antionette cake which was good too but not my thing. I’m not really into creamy cakes. I’ll take a chunk of buttery and floury butter cake over the pretty “cakes” that is all the rage these days.


This is my second visit to Antionette and the first time my friend over at tanjong pagar guide gave it a less than stellar review although I secretly enjoyed the blinis (otherwise known as savoury pancakes) with the watery mushroom ragout. Her club sandwich wasn’t the best executed and the praline nougat dessert we shared was sickeningly sweet but seriously I liked the pancakes. So all in all i think its a pretty good place for some mum time 🙂

4 thoughts on “Antionette

  1. Wow, that looks good! I have been wanting to make French toast for the last few weeks but I think it would counteract my best efforts to get back in shape since the baby’s arrival.

    • Haha.. no worries, I find that when breastfeeding I could eat anything and everything and still be losing weight. Now I’m back to gaining weight even if I ate just air.

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