We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo

The january babies went to the zoo last weekend and one blur mum forgot her handbag (and hence her wallet, phone and (camera) phone. The grandma took some photos like this:

Daddy and mummy brought me to the zoo!


Anyway the little ones enjoyed looking at all sorts of animals and especially enjoyed the waterplay area. Daddy didn’t enjoy it as much as he lost his glasses when coming down the slide with Sophia. Sophia had so much fun that she didn’t even protest when daddy carried her out of the waterplay area. And she was 1/3 way through her turkey with veges meal (with bread on top because that’s the only way to get her to eat anything these days) when she nodded off. That was kind of good too because she slept through daddy and mummy’s KFC lunch so she didn’t get to demand a share. For some reason though she woke up as we were leaving KFC after just a 25min catnap and refused to sleep all the way till dinner when she nodded off halfway through dinner as well and wasn’t woken up even by a video of an upbeat singing session in school or by dunking her in bathwater. it proved to be yet another catnap of about half an hour after which she woke up crying inconsolably. Good thing she slept at a normal hour though.

Babies in conference

2 thoughts on “We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo

  1. ah so i guessed correctly who is the blur mum?? 🙂 and finally got to see Sophia with Daddy and Mummy.

    Nodded off half way through a meal in high chair? How could that possibly happen? too cute!

    • I only know of one person capable of doing that – Sophia. Her daddy claims to be the same when he was a kid. For the lunch version she wasn’t even on high chair, at least in that they are kind of supported all over. She was just on a normal adult chair. She just collapsed forward onto me.

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