Dictionary of Sophia-speak

At our Picotin trip last week, Sophia learnt to say “rabbit” in her extremely cute cut-me-some-slack-I-just-learnt-this-word way and my friend J reminded me to keep a record of the cute way she speaks before this stage passes so, here goes:

Ohn – small rectangular electronic devices that plays nursery rhymes to me and tells me stories, and which the adults put to their ear from time to time.

Bag – big black thing that mummy brings to work everyday and that contains said “ohn”.

Totou – green soft toy with a shell on its back that I stole from Samuel gor gor’s mummy’s car when nobody was looking.

Bear bear – one of numerous soft toys that I own, some brown, some white, some grey and one pink by the name of Teddy.

Gork – usually small but sometimes larger than me animal that goes “ruff ruff” and has a waggy tail.

Bi – adjective exclusively reserved for cats and accompanied by exagerrated hand actions (wonder whether it has anything to do with jaguar, leopard and tigers that we saw at the zoo).

Bog – all forms of rectangular hollow objects and the metal holes that grandpa gets the mail from.

Tar – sparkly things in the sky.

And of course:

Eeeeh… bid – furry animal with long ears.

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