Sophia and Samuel

Sophia finally met Samuel again. They are both so much more grown up now. They can hold hands and sort of hug each other. Sophia is very subdued when in the presence of Samuel gor gor. Which is kind of weird because Samuel doesn’t seem threatening to me at all. I guess that’s from the perception of a much bigger adult.



We went to chinatown and Samuel found some turtles that none of us discovered despite walking down pagoda street all the time. Samuel’s parents had a hard time stopping Samuel from touching the turtles, for fear that they would bite him. It didn’t even occurred to me that the turtles may bite! In fact, before they stopped Sophia, I was going to encourage Sophia to stroke them!

I think its time to start Sophia on the habit of carrying her own bag when we go out, just like Samuel gor gor. In fact, since she doesn’t need the security blanket that he has to carry, she can probably carry her own diaper and wipes, then mummy can go out with hands free!

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