Interaction with strangers

I’ve always been worried about Sophia’s relative lack of interaction with people she’s not familiar with. When we’re out she’ll generally stare at the “uncles” and “aunties” we meet but not smile or talk to them. I’m quite heartened to see that she seems friendlier to fellow small people. See here how she walked rather far away from us to interact with this boy:

Hello big brother


2 thoughts on “Interaction with strangers

  1. Brave girl! I bet Sophia cannot beat Kah Yen, she stare at all strangers who try to talk to her or just happen to walk near her with the “I don’t like you, you look scary” expression. It happens very often inside lifts, I am starting to get a bit worried abt it.

    She has no problem with young kids too, she calls them Korkor and Jiejie all the time.

    Hope it is just a phase for girls and both Sophia and Kahyen will grow out of it soon

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