I am in my twenties!!!!

This thought is probably more suitable as a tweet than a post but seeing as I do not use twitter, its got to come here. As of the time of writing I have about half an hour more to say I am in my twenties before I am no longer eligible to say it so I just want to say it to my heart’s content. I am in my twenties. I am in my twenties. I AM IN MY TWENTIES!!! There. I’ve got it out of the system.

I’ve been in denial about the impending 3-0 but I’ve had to stare age in the face today when someone told me “its ok, I’m sure your age is within the toto range” (ie less than 45) meaning it as a compliment! I’m more used to people expressing shock when hearing I’m a mum so today’s statement is really a rude shock to my self esteem.

Here’s just a random photo of mini-me, who will hopefully lead a much more fulfilling life than I did, accomplish much more than I have and make a larger (positive) impact in the world than I ever will.



4 thoughts on “I am in my twenties!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Elaine! I am sure the next chapter will be equally fulfilling if not more. And hope the mini-you will always keep you young at heart even as your age.

    And I think you are still a proud young mum!

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