I finally brought Sophia to Prive, something I’ve been meaning to do for sometime. It turned out to be rather nice and Sophia enjoyed herself at the very small play area.


Can’t wait to get to “playground”




Clinging on to “security blanket” in the form of soft toys


I like being out in the alfresco area next to the water. The weather was cool, which was good. However, the food was quite ordinary. I didn’t quite understand why some bloggers rave about this place. They also got one of our orders wrong. My husband ordered bagels and lox and they served him pancakes.

Actually more restaurants should cater to children. Just very simple items like the 2 slides and a playhouse here will keep kids very happy and wouldn’t cost the restaurant much to install. That allowed me to have my meal in peace and chat to my friend while Sophia played on her own (or with her friends, turtle and dog dog)

Speakign of turtle and dog dog, I am never bringing 2 soft toys out ever again. I thought I would allow her to bring dog out and hide turtle in my bag to fish out if and when she starts getting fussy in church. Well, guess what, she saw the turtle when I opened my bag to fish out my wallet for the cab and from thta moment on had to hold on to both toys. If I just fished out one for her she’ll call for the other. If I gave her the other and kept the first one, she’ll immediately ask for the first one. Maybe its better for children not to talk till later. No, I’m kidding because then she’ll just scream for the other soft toy and I have to guess what is it. Bad idea.

4 thoughts on “Prive

  1. Totally agree that more eateries should have play areas! That would make parents’ lives so much easier! And I find some food blogs’ content quite questionable. Some don’t even have *any* opinion of the food and yet they can have so many readers?? Heh

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