Mummy and Daddy day

Sometime last month I lost the right to say I’m in my twenties and not long thereafter was the hubby’s birthday so we both took the day off and enjoyed ourselves. Nothing as exciting as the big 3-0 party that Daphne over at Mother’s Inc. had but we just spent the day with each other, like we used to pre all these work, MBA, baby etc etc stuff.

The day started with breakfast at eM by the River at Gallery Hotel with Sophia.

I like this place!


The food was nothing to write home about but Sophia liked it enough to eat quite a bit of scrambled eggs and a whole slice of wholemeal toast plus drink a whole cup of carrot juice and a lot of water, which is quite a record for her. I like the whole atmosphere and how there was basically no one there except us.

Nice view


Then we all walked home as Sophia fooled around and laughed heartily all the way till about 200m from home when she fell asleep in my arms.

I’m a plane!


La la la


After dumping a sleeping baby at home, we went for karaoke, which we haven’t done for years! This was followed by a movie – MIB3, which I really enjoyed, and shopping at Takashimaya, which yielded a little blue bag with a little blue box

Don’t we all love Tiffany?


The night ended with Korean bbq dinner at Ssikek at Novena Ville. Mighty delicious but glad we went early because towards the end of the dinner the place was like a warzone and I couldn’t wait to get out. Just look at the crowd and the queue:

Lots of Ssikek indeed!


By the end of the day I was incredibly tired and very glad the next day was a Saturday. Phew. Would love to do this more, there was not enough time in a day to do all that I wanted to do! We also wanted to go for spa, bring Sophia swimming, shop more etc but just couldn’t manage!

2 thoughts on “Mummy and Daddy day

    • Its been a while since I heard from you. With the move and all that going on in your life, can’t be easy to keep up with your online activities. Glad you still remember us!

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