Daddy and baby time

Now that Daddy is back from the States and I have been so busy at work, the daddy has been spending more time with Sophia, leading to more heartwarming shots like these:


daddy and baby at work

Of course, when she’s on MY lap nobody thinks of taking a photo for us. Ever.

2 thoughts on “Daddy and baby time

  1. I got the hidden line of your last paragraph. Hope the daddy got it too 🙂

    It is so sweet, but I can’t help observing one photo is in front of PC while the other is in front of iphone, now I know all daddies are pretty much the same. Kah Yen’s even downloaded the “Draw something” app and tried to introduce to Kah Yen, which I told off immediately of course

    • I know! I figured, though, that these days we are all so surrounded by technology that an environment without technology is also rather artificial. Sophia only sits on my lap when she demands my food or when I’m putting on socks and shoes for her. 🙂

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