Spoke too soon?



Here she is, all ready for school, joyfully dragging the umbrella along. No trouble at drop off either and she waved goodbye to grandpa, daddy and mummy with a neutral look. All looks good so far.

When I arrived at school 3 hours later, she was holding a pink ball. She dashed over shouting mama! Followed by gong gong! And pulled at the gate saying [o]pen. She wasn’t crying but looked rather sulky, like she was not happy about being left at the childcare at all. The teacher told us crying was on and off, when she remembers she will say “mama” and cry but she can be relatively easily distracted by toys. She doesn’t like the banana snack that we packed for her but did eat the fishball noodles they prepared. I guess it wasn’t too bad overall but when she got home she kept throwing tantrums which only got better after her nap. Hopefully she’s just overly tired and not a reaction to being sent to childcare. Curious whether she will put up a resistance to going to school tomorrow. Sure hope not! Wish me luck!

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