Szechuan, Chengdu Part 1

I disappeared for quite some time because I was away in Chengdu attending a wedding. I could go on and on about the trip but lets make this a photolog because a picture paints a thousand words. 

Preparing for boarding


I liked our hotel room. Large, clean and on an excellent location.

People, especially men, were smoking everywhere. This cab driver, for example, was smoking while driving us around, much to my displeasure.

I was amused at this hospital for cosmetic surgery. It was by far the largest and most professional looking medical institution of any sort I saw on this trip.

This is called 麦芽糖画 or sugar drawing. We have it in Singapore too but even the most elaborate designs are 2 dimentional but all the street stalls in Chengdu selling this does all these 3 dimensional pieces, which is not easy at all because the drawing is done on a marble slab with melted sugar and any 3D shaping can only be done at the precise moment when the sugar has solidified slightly but is still pliable.

One thing great about Chengdu is playgrounds for children in many malls, bookstores, fastfood joints etc. The park that locals frequent also has amusement park facilities like merry-go round and bumper cars.

Amusing and irritating at the same time – motorcyclists reckon themselve equivalent to pedastrians. Here they are waiting to cross the road.

One of the famous old restaurants 龙抄手 – highly disappointing. I’m sure its didn’t used to taste like that but now its clearly just riding on the name its predecessors built up.

A couple of old preserved streets.

The buildings and facades are allegedly preserved from the Qing Dynasty. Now its a bustling street filled with tea houses, restaurants, street food stalls and some other stores selling touristy goods.

Good to look at, not so good to eat in this particular instance. But street food from Jin Li was great, especially the “fish tofu”, which is not the frozen fish tofu we get but rather what appears to be pressed tofu sliced thinly and barbequed with a spicy and peppery seasoning. Delicious!

Lookout for part 2!


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