Chengdu Part 2

The reason for going to Chengdu – Suo Jingji and Cai Yu’s wedding. Note the guy smoking right in frong of me.

Young pandas behind 2 gates in a very stinky area. These were the smallest pandas we saw. No babies.

Large Panda rolled up in a ball. Actually it was licking its *ahem*

The ponds were just overflowing with fishes.

Zhu Ye Qing – favourite tea of Chengdu people at teahouses. Or maybe most successful lie to tourists, I can never tell which.

Entrance to DU Jian Yan which, contrary to what I originally thought, was not a huge dam but a rather complex river management system. Its amazing they accomplished it thousands of years ago.


They had these statues of Kungfu Pandas at all the AAAAA grade tourist spots. Yes, they grade their tourist spots by number of As rather than say stars.


Yes, this is the famous Min Jiang which flows into Yangtze River or Chang Jiang. So glad this historical site is not destroyed by the 2008 earthquake.


Held captive in this small room at a “shopping point” with gentleman in the corner smoking away.


Qingcheng mountain – the climbing up was okay albeit slightly tiring. Coming down gave me knee ache for 2 days from all the impact.


An old town, apparently quite a bit of it is refurbished to look like an old town rather than being an actual part of an old building. How disappointing.


Rather delicious food at this eatery called Lai Tang Yuan which I thought sounds familiar and therefore may be rather famous. Its quite tasty but gave me a stomachache for a couple of weeks.


And guess who I missed the most throughout the trip?


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