Grandpa is unwell

Grandpa has been having severe abdonimal pain since last evening. Sophia didn’t quite appreciate it last night and still insisted on being carried and riding on him. Daddy and Mummy had to take her away and even when sleeping she was still crying for “gong gong”.

This morning she woke up and asked for grandpa again. Daddy kept telling her grandpa is sick but she kept walking in the direction of his room and getting dragged back by Daddy. Mummy chose to trust her and explained to her that Grandpa is sick but she can go in and take a look and “love love” Grandpa (ie stroke lovingly) but after that she must come out. Daddy did not believe that she would do so. What did you know, she did! She went in, patted Grandpa a few times then came out and got on with her life. She was just worried about Grandpa!

Sophia is definitely a child who responds better to reasoning than scolding, I can tell even now, which is just as well because I am really not very credible as a scolder!

2 thoughts on “Grandpa is unwell

    • Thank you! I really hope so too. She has been very sweet indeed, behaving herself when her paternal grandparents come over to look after her, even though she is not familiar with them at all.

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