Its only words

How kids grow! 2 weeks ago when Sophia first started school I was still telling the principal that I was worried about how she only enunciates the last syllabus of each word like bit (rabbit), ken (chicken) and der (shoulder). Now, not only does she know 2-syllabus words (chi-ken, cup-cake), can string adjectives with nouns (big spoon) but can also string ideas together to form sentences/phrases that may not be the most grammatically accurate but lets not be too demanding. Just this morning I passed her an empty milk carton expecting her to carry it around, feel it, try to open the cap etc as she usually does but she felt the weight and immediately said “no more, throw” and placed it into the bin! Later I passed her a sticker. She wasn’t too happy about it sticking to her fingers and all efforts to remove it just resulted in it sticking to a different finger which really got her agitated. I removed it and after a while stuck it on her leg, which also made her miffed but she learnt not to remove it with her fingers but rather kicked her legs around protesting. When I finally removed it from her leg, she pointed to my toes and said “stick, mama, toe”. Nice one babe, but next time you want revenge you need to carry it out yourself, not like I will be so dumb as to obey that instruction 🙂

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