Cousin Samuel

The past 2 weekends Sophia has been going to her elder cousin, Samuel‘s place to play. Curious enough, the first week she caught the flu from Samuel’s dad and the following week she passed it back to Samuel.

Sophia seems to really look up to her big brother who’s the dare devil dashing around. In front of him she’s all meek and mild and has none of of the bossiness that she displays at home. The only time she get back to her bossy self is when we put her in the room to sleep and she runs towards the door repeating over and over “ma-co ni” (it took me a long time to figure out she meant balcony).

Everybody loves Grandpa


Pushing cousin samuel along – very fun as long as Samuel doesn’t suddenly push the car backwards into Sophia


Samuel’s teacher called Sophia “didi” (younger brother) when she was introduced as his cousin.

3 thoughts on “Cousin Samuel

  1. Isn’t it funny how each mum perceived their baby? I didn’t know Sophia can be bossy. And oh i didn’t know Sophia calls Samuel ‘Didi’. But then again with his size, everyone calls him ‘Didi’.

    • Oh sorry for not being clear, I meant Samuel’s teacher called Sophia didi, as in she thought Sophia was a younger boy cousin. And she’s very bossy when with the immediate family! Today she pulled me off the chair during dinner because she wants to play with the chair.

      • Oh ya, i remember that. She was so suave looking with Samuel’s cap 🙂 Babies always know who they could get away with. Samuel do that to me all the time.

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