How long does youth last?

Within the span of 3 days I was asked twice whether I was a student. The first time when helping out at a music concert at Nanyang JC. An older lady asked if I was a student of the school. The second time yesterday when a fellow community volunteer asked if I was still studying. In the work context looking young actually loses me credibility points but generally as a woman I still feel sort of good about looking young.

However, this childbearing thing really really takes a toll on a woman. With each pregnancy our skin completely dries out (and I wondered why my mum’s heels were all cracked and dry when I was younger with soft supple skin), sleep depravation gives us dark eye rings and wrinkles, and that very efficient parasite inside us basically just saps whatever nutrients and energy that is inside of us, leaving us with a weakened immune system etc. I have no scientific basis for saying the above, they are just my personal observations but I daresay they are universal truths.

Hence, as mothers (or preggies) we should always take good care of ourselves. Find time to exercise, eat well, moisturise, use sunblock, keep yourself surrounded by supportive friends. Somedays I can feel too drained to even eat, let alone socialise or exercise, but that is completely unhealthy. So here’s an encouragement to all mothers out there: Let us all strive to be youthful, not necessary in looks but definitely in state of mind and state of health.


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