Swim date with cousin Samuel

Warming up before getting into the pool

Having the pool all to herself while Samuel gor gor negotiates against getting in with his dad because the water is way too cold!

Looks like the discussion is pretty one sided because gor gor gets carried in against his (initial) wishes but of course once in he’s the jovial chap he always is again.

Mummy complains that Daddy and Uncle John are always giving all their attention to Samuel gor gor to the exclusion of Sophia

And here’s further proof of it. Good thing Sophia’s perfectly happy playing with her toys.

That may not be a completely fair statement because there is an exception – when Sophia is holding the dangerous weapon in the form of the ducky water gun.

And the kids do play together sometimes and when they do then all 4 come together. The swim toys really help make the trip so much more fun, glad I got them at the ELC sale!

And after a nice swim that ended abruptly with rain, Sophia shares her favourite game with Samuel gor gor – dancing with mini Singapore flags.

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