Tortoise and Turtles day

Sophia’s favourite animal is allegedly turtles given that she’s always going for one of her 2 turtle toys and how she giggles when she finds the turtle photo on the zoo app in our iPad. So when I read about the live turtle and tortoise museum in Kless’s blog, I couldn’t wait to bring Sophia there.

Notice how she’s clutching on to her toy turtle.

The Chinese Garden is actually closed except to persons visiting the museum so it was very empty and we got a preview of the lantern displays that were being put up by PRC ladies who were shouting to each other “哪儿来的小姑娘?” (literally: where did this little girl come from?) when they saw Sophia because I guess they were assuming the park is closed and there should not be visitors.

One of the intricate lanterns put up for Mid Autumn Festival

Near the entrance were these large african tortoises and smaller but probably much more dangerous alligator snapping turtles.

Not sure why are these dangerous.


Now, these, are another matter. Make sure not to put your fingers in!

Contrary to what we thought, Sophia didn’t rush laughing to the tortoises to pat them, the way she would for cats and dogs. Instead she clung on to daddy, saying “no-no, no-no, no-no”. Showing her how to feed the tortoises with the bunch of veges we bought at the entrance didn’t help.

Daddy feeding the tortoise.

Sophia being vrey scared.

The pond full of turtles also had her really scared.

Pond full of turtles

And a very scared baby

So we brought her to these turtles in glass cages, which she was also very scared of initially.

Turtles on exhibit

And guess what warmed her up eventually? These very sinister looking snake necked turtles! If there is one turtle I wouldn’t touch in the museum, it would be these.


Look at the sharp teeth and long neck. Argh! Its like a snake living in a turtle shell.

Sophia wants her toy turtle to make friends, but I bet it was scared stiff.

And so after this toy turtle went around making friends with other friendlier turtles.

Ok, I can be friends with this turtle.

And eventualy Sophia warmed up enough to feed the tortoises.


There tortoise, have your breakfast.

And Sophia started playing happily with the tortoises, that is, until daddy warned her to be careful not to let the tortoise bite her finger as it would be painful. After that all she could say was “pain pain” and “mama”, and laughed as I fed the tortoises while she ran away from them (as they were coming after us since we were holding veges in our hands).

All in all a great morning and I hope we can have more fun weekends like this.


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