Bishan Park

Last weekend Sophia and us went for yet another of those breakfast at a park outing with cousin Samuel and his parents. The day started with both the mummies getting attacked by hoards of mosquitoes so out came the mozzie patches and sprays. Sophia loves being the official repellent sprayer. Here’s her looking for her victim:

I have a spray and I’m not afraid to use it

But not before ensuring she’s well protected herself:

Me first

Cousin Samuel wants some too:

Spray some on my arms please

Sophia’s happy to be of service:


Your legs need some protection too

This place looks quite popular among families with young children. This big sister came over to play with our toddlers:


Can I play with you please

Here she’s hugging and kissing Sophia. She even came to ask for our permission beforehand! What a well-behaved little girl.

Hugs and kisses for the mei mei

And of course every park ride these days involves some time on the tricycle

Playing together peacefully (for the moment)

Which inevitably ends with the children fighting over the one tricycle. So we adjourned to the stream in the middle of the park and after some strenuous exercise climbing up and down the terraces, Sophia decided to head into macdonalds and for some strange reason decided to climb, without help, onto the high chair that was standing by a wall.

Look mummy, I can do it all by myself.

Good one. I’m looking forward to the day when you will climb into your carseat all by yourself too.

Of course, the highlight of all park visits are the dogs:


Hello friendly doggy

And that’s what brought out the biggest smile in my favourite little girl:


I love dogs!

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