Papa’s graduation ceremony

This is long overdue but I’ve just been lazy in transferring photos from my DSLR to my laptop.. oops… not a very responsible blogger, have been leaving you guys with only photos from my iPhone mainly.

Sophia all dressed up an excited about daddy’s graduation


Never happy in the carseat

That’s the most elaborate hairdo I have time for with child in tow.


Sophia can’t resist taking the balloons lining the purple carpets


Climbing the 2 storey high flight of stairs with Sophia takes a loooong time. In the background is Sophia’s Tomodachi – Tomo-kun – sleeping.

Congratulations Daddy!

Spotted himself in the yearbook!

I like Insead’s graduation, its very conversational, witty, and not at all boring like my own convocation.

VIP speech time and I did not once feel like nodding off.

These people are from the student union or equivalent, whatever they called themselves, the ‘cool’ people basically.

Probably the most serious part of the ceremony – student rep speech.

The proud graduates

Sophia enjoyed herself I think

Of course, the global business school’s graduation ceremony has to be attended in traditional national costumes.

Congratulations, daddy. Insead was so cool, it made me feel like going out and getting another piece of cert myself!


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