Baby photos

The title of the blog post was going to be n@ked babies but I was worried with the random web filters and whatnot this very innocent blog would be blocked. In fact, it already is blocked in China, I know because my in-laws can’t access it, and I wonder whether its because wordpress is blocked (just as facebook, youtube etc are blocked) or beacuse of something I said or some picture I posted. I recall reading about green dam youth escort, the web filter that was going to be compulsory in China but eventually dropped, and how it would filter content based on the percentage of a picture that was roughly the colour of skin. A picture of doraemon would pass the test and garfield will fail.

The reason why I thought of this filter was I took some photos of Sophia in her birthday suit recently, because she refused to put on clothes after her bath and was happily rolling around on my bed. A common scene among toddlers I’m told. I toyed with the idea of putting up the photos here since they are so cute but I stopped myself and started questioning by what age is it unacceptable to post unclothed photos of children.

What do you think? Have you ever posted photos of your children in their birthday suit? At what age do you think it becomes inappropriate and do you think the children will be unhappy to learn of such photos floating around the internet when they grow up?

2 thoughts on “Baby photos

  1. I’ve never posted birthday suit photos online – not because they aren’t absolutely adorable (they are!) – but because in this day & age of technology, I worry that the wrong eyes would be looking. And unless you run your photos through a scrub program prior to posting, your exif data may be accessible, allowing a person to obtain the location where the photos were taken. It’s a safety thing – there are some people with unclean intentions out there.

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