Sophia made this mooncake at school. Nobody really dares to eat it but its cute. She actually made a mooncake before I did. I better get used to the fact that growing up in this day and age and in a much more wealthy (relatively) family than I did, she will have the chance to experience so much more than I ever did, and I WANT her to have the chance to do that.

But this leads me to worry that she may grow up with the entitlement mentality. I was having a discussion with a friend yesterday about primary schools and he suggested that I go for a particular school which I was not very inclined to go for precisely because the typical student from that school will be born with a silver spoon and have the tendency to feel superior because of that. However, my friend reminded me that the reality is it helps for Sophia to have friends who have the backing of a rich and powerful family and hence are likely to succeed. She will find it much easier to reach high places with the help of such contacts. True and it is tempting but if Sophia turns out to have the superiority complex then I will be so disappointed with her.

There are so many choices that I will have to make for Sophia while she is young, and I pray for the wisdom to make those choices that will help her grow but not make her head swell. Not easy at all.

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