Cafe Melba

I chanced upon this blog in French, Active Mummy in Singapore, which mentioned Cafe Melba and, based on the photo, it seemed like the perfect place to bring Sophia for weekend breakfast. So when we woke up on Saturday morning with no plans for the first half of the day, I suggested that we head there and texted Cousin Samuel’s parents asking if they would like to join us. And they did!

The cafe setting setting did not disappoint. The Teak & Mahogany furniture amid a generally wooden setting creates a leisurely feel. Even the typically Singaporean me did not once think of sitting in the inside area.

Alfresco dining area


They even provided activity sheets and coloured pencils for the children. Its an easy way to help parents gain precious 15 minutes of eating time and all restaurants should consider doing it – doesn’t cost them much anyway.

Sophia saw the sheets and immediately started to scribble

Samuel adopted the more Montessori method of playing with the coloured pencils and the container, taking them out, tipping the box over, fiddling with the pencils etc, which intrigued Sophia. That’s her “I need to process this information” look. I think.

Next to the restaurant was a large pebble pit (which I wasn’t quite sure whether was meant for play or for some activity conducted by the Goodman Arts Center but in any case the children decided it was for play.

The other feature was a small bouncy castle, which Sophia and Samuel had great fun on.

Don’t they look like they are conspiring to do something cheeky?

Maybe the conspiracy was this – sending Sophia to touch the witch in the moon.


The closest Sophia gets to jumping is bouncing on the bouncy castle, since she doesn’t lift off the ground when she tries on flat ground.

Other kids came to join them. The younger girl was very sweet! She asked if Sophia was my baby and told me she would take care of her so she won’t get hurt. Awww…

Towards the end Sophia was so tired she often fell backwards and rested. Samuel’s face shows how much fun they are having.

All in all, I do like this place. Anywhere that gets my Sophia giggling like she did is a good place. Even though service was a little bit patchy (we had to ask 3 times before they provided us the activity sheets), it wasn’t as bad as the reviews on hungrygowhere made it seem. Food was not fantastic but pretty decent. I loved the roasted cherry tomatoes in the full melba breakfast set.

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