Pigeon Attack

Around my home and on many of the paths which I HAVE to take on the way out and to key places that I often go to like the office, the MRT station, there are many pigeons, which we all know, is a health hazard. However, it seems that many do not quite understand why so as I saw someone freaking out when a pigeon flew over her baby, frantically waving her arms in the air in a fanning motion and murmuring something about “powder” from the bird. In fact, the danger from pigeons is largely not from the birds themselves but from the droppings which may contain certain fungus and bacteria, some of which may become airborne when they dry up.

Unfortunately, these droppings cover many of the paths that my family cannot avoid everyday, some inside my condo development and some outside. Feeding grounds nearby are numerous – the rubbish bins used by the restaurants in the lane right outside the development, the food centers nearby and the temple(s) that leave food out as part of their offerings. After having their fill the birds come over to roost and sometimes have a drink at the swimming pool.

My condo management office is not doing anything about it other than advising us to install nets keeping the birds out of our house, which does not help the situation in the public areas, some of which we cannot avoid such as the only lane leading out from the lift lobby. I’ve alerted AVA so they can look into whether there is anything they can do outside of the condo to remove the sources of food (it is illegal to feed pigeons after all).

We have also been carrying Sophia when we pass places with a high density of pigeon droppings but I also don’t want her to get into the habit of being carried.

Any ideas how to protect my little one from potential infection?

1 thought on “Pigeon Attack

  1. will ur management agree to hiring a professional to rid of these pesky birds? for a cheaper option, why not try spraying them with water from a hose eg. during pool cleaning? hopefully they will get the msg after some time and keep away for good! or use reflective surfaces to scare them away. but as long as there are food scraps lying around the vicinity, im afraid they’re likely to stick around

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