Lets share!

Its really rather amusing seeing very young children together. When Sophia sees the older children playing around our estate, she’ll typically follow one of them around and try to play with their toys. At church, its the opposite, she’ll play with things and Baby E will come along and want to play with the same things. The surprising thing is that somehow the children will give in to the younger ones. So Ansa gives in to Sophia and Sophia gives in to Baby E. Of course, sometimes they forget but that’s only human.

Similarly, Sophia is also quite happy to share her food (since she doesn’t quite like food herself anyway) but the first time she shared her food with Baby E, Baby E choked (not proper “I cannot breathe” kind of choke but “these grainy pieces are tickling my throat *cough cough*” kind of choke). That was adult multigrain breakfast flakes. The next time, we learnt our lesson and shared Organix rice cakes which melt in the mouth. But it does still seem a bit difficult for Baby E to handle with just 2 front teeth.


Reminds me of these cookie monster cupcakes that a friend attempted to reproduce once. Both are so irresistably cute!

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