Finally a little bit brave

My timid girl FINALLY is willing to play on a slide all on her own. She climbed up both the baby slide and the slightly bigger slide on her own but only managed to slide down the smaller one. She got stuck on top of the taller one with her head in front and legs behind. Much to the alarm of another set of parents accompanying their slightly older daughter at the play area. They must have thought I was a completely irresponsible mum when I slowly strolled over to Sophia’s rescue. And for the first time ever, I heard a stranger tell me that my girl is very brave! She’s probably the most risk averse baby I have ever met so its really a surprising comment.


Pardon the scary hand at the edge of the first photo – I needed to snap fast!

It never fails to surprise me how Prive can market itself as a baby friendly place by just placing a couple of slides and a playhouse in a sunny corner. Most of the patrons there were parents with young children and the kids had a ball of a time with those simple facilities.

The only thing that could pull Sophia away from the play area was banana. After the first bite that I had to bring over to the playhouse for her, she followed me back to the table and kept right next to me chewing, swallowing a bite then quickly saying “some more ba-na-na!” until she finished all the banana. I tried to replace with some strawberries but she threw them on the floor. Strange preferences!

Wish Singapore’s weather were less humid so I can enjoy such places more. It did get quite uncomfortable by 11am. Sigh…

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