I’ve been resisting purchasing a Funtainer bottle for the longest time because they are so expensive at almost S$60 compared to less than S$15 for normal BPA free bottles. Yes it is a vacuum flask but I didn’t need the temperature keeping capabilities, until recently. As faithful readers of this blog (yes, all 3 of you: dad, mum and hubby) would know, Sophia does not drink formula milk but guzzles down 3 full cups of freshmilk a day. So when planning for my trip, a very big consideration is how to bring milk around without it spoiling. Of course, I’m sure milk is available everywhere in Australia, except for the outback which us city folks are obviously not going to with a baby in tow, but there are the flights and such so we thought it made sense to bring milk out in a thermos.

What a great decision we made! Sophia loves her new Funtainer bottle to bits and will only drink from it. What is it that appeals to her I have no idea. Perhaps she finds the flower prints pretty. Perhaps its easy to drink from. The first day we gave it to her, she drank non stop! That day we changed many diapers.

This is not an advertorial but I am one satisfied customer. Kudos!

3 thoughts on “Funtainer

  1. You have another faithful reader 🙂

    I think funtainers are pretty fragile. My son has one and when my youngest daughter got her hands on it and threw it off the bed, there was a huge dent at the bottom. But I’m sure Sophia isn’t that violent.

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