Want playground

That’s her favourite phrase these days, and most of the time, she means it. Although her desire is so great that sometimes she mumbles it to sleep as well. It must be because Sydney was so full of fun and exciting playgrounds. Right from the first day we went to Darling Quarters (I’m not sure this existed when I was living in Sydney 10 years ago) which had a huge children’s play area with both waterplay and dry playground facilities. Pity we didn’t bring Sophia’s bathing suit!

This seemingly innocuous slide is not as simple as it looks – here’s the part where children are supposed to climb up to the top of the slide. Not that easy for me to help Sophia up!

I’m amazed how rather young children can play on the swing on their own. I think Sophia just found a new friend here!

There were some equipment for which Sophia has no choice but to live vicariously through mummy…

We took walks down tunnels, just mummy and me.

There were also playgrounds at each of the grounds of the Paddington market and Glebe market. I think they are both schools during the weekday but elementary school, not preschool so I’m still surprised at the playground facilities, which we certainly do not have here in Singapore, at least not in my days.

Yep, so even after we got back we’ve had to bring her to the playground almost on a daily basis otherwise we’ll just hear the “want playground, want playground” chant all day long.


Urgh! I saw a I dead mouse at our condo’s playground today. Looks like Sophia won’t be heading there for a long time!

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