Dim sum – as good as ever

Yum yum, one of the best things about Sydney is the dim sum there. That’s what you Aussies call yum cha. Ok, hubby just interrupted saying that yum cha is also used here so I probably should clarify that yum cha is often used as a noun in Australia when it is a verb.

This time we visited Sydney, I made it a point to fit in a trip to a yum cha restaurant and was initially planning to head to marigold which is of course the evergreen there and widely thought of as the best but fortunately I bumped into an old friend at church who informed me that in his view, a new restaurant called The Eight at Market City is better and with shorter queue, so we went there and the food was indeed great. That was the consensus among daddy, mummy and baby.


This trip we also found a great Thai restaurant called Chat Thai. For this one baby didn’t quite agree with daddy and mummy. “La la” (ie spicy) she says.

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