Read away!

I wrote earlier that I really hope my little Sophia develops a love of reading and I am truly amazed how fast she really picked up on books.

I’m really glad I bought all 3 of the Scholastic First Little Readers series. Each box contains 25 mini books with eye-catching drawings and one simple line on each page. We started with set A but she has since discovered sets B and C in her daily rummage around the house and has been reading them all day and night. Hours of fun are spent buried in these books. We read to her, she reads to us, she reads to herself or she even just enjoys arranging the books in rows or keeping them into the box and taking them out of the box.

I’m just so glad I didn’t wait till the school taught her to read before introducing her to the joys of reading and I am really challenged to let her have a go at everything without thinking in my mind that she’s too young to manage. Children surprise us all the time!

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