Sydney continued – serviced apartments

I love staying in a serviced apartment when travelling. Pity not many parts of the world has the concept of short term (days instead of months) serviced apartment.

I loved the apartment from the moment I stepped into it. So much bigger than hotels and with the washing and drying equipment, we really could have afforded to bring just 2 sets of clothes and rotate them throughout the trip.

The kitchen was the most fantastic part. The cabinets had perhaps 20% of amount of stuff I had in my kitchen but yet had everything I needed to do most types of cooking. It just goes to show how much unwanted stuff I have in my kitchen. Its probably a good thing every morning the little one puts on her shoes and literally drags everyone out of the apartment because I could spend all day in it cooking and chilling.






Of course, 5 minutes into us occupying it, it is nowhere near as zen as it looks in the pictures.

5 thoughts on “Sydney continued – serviced apartments

  1. Totally agree with you on the washing facilities bit! Kids can go through so many sets of clothes each day – even though their clothes are much smaller than ours it always seems like they need more luggage space!

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