Its christmas season!

Yes, the festive season comes earlier each year. One almost wonders whether the suggestion of one of my readers that our Mid Autumn light up is an early celebration of Christmas may become reality! When I was younger Christmas season was in December itself but I guess its a combination of businesses wanting to maximise profits from the season’s buying spree and (as a friend suggested) the influx of Americans for whom the holiday season starts with Halloween moving into Thanksgiving and then the rest of the world, also congregating in Singapore moving into Christmas and New Year and after that the Chinese moving into Chinese New Year.

Here’s Sophia saying happy holidays with festive diapers. Aren’t they oh-so-cute? Wish we had these in Singapore.

2 thoughts on “Its christmas season!

  1. A lot of people would disagree with me, but I don’t mind kicking off Christmas early. I love the decorations and the excuse to celebrate. Sophia’s diapers are so cute!

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