Doctor, doctor

Toddler imagination is indeed incredible. Sophia  now loves playing doctor and she ain’t need any toy stethoscope, my earphones function perfectly well for that function. For someone as afraid of the stethoscope as her I’m just amazed at how much she loves playing this doctor game. All her toy animals (and she has lots of them) have already been diagnosed at least 3 times each by her.  Usually the entire process is rather silent but sometimes she declares a diagnosis. The daddy has been deemed to “cannot walk” by her and she declared “cold” on me once. The rabbit was cleared though, as it “can walk”. I’m not sure what made her associate doctors with the ability to walk or otherwise. Perhaps those jabs in the thighs that were so painful she couldn’t walk?

Regardless, its extremely cute to watch. Oh and all her bears get a bath a day from her, at her play sink. I wouldn’t let her give anything alive a bath anytime soon judging by the way she does it.

Doctor at work. Do not disturb.

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