Online shopping

Hands up mummies who love online shopping?

My hands will be first up in the air. Well, I’m not sure if I’m slow / late on this but anyway I just discovered a great online shopping site and I thought I’ll share the gospel. Its not any name that anyone hasn’t heard before, its just that I’ve never thought of shopping on its website. And its… WALMART!

So, am I slow? Does everyone already know about it or even think its bad? I usually shop on Amazon but today I was looking for this particular craft punch and Amazon was charging insane shipping prices for that particular item so I googled for the same item and found it on Walmart. After adding the same items in the respective carts, other than items that cannot be found on either site where I found closest replacements, and, in fact having one more item on Walmart than Amazon, Walmart was still cheaper. I do think Amazon still has more items so I will continue to ship on it but Walmart will now form a basis for comparison. However, Walmart ships things out in drips and drabs, the first 2 items were sent out individually and I am still awaiting the last few. There isn’t the option to group shipping. Amazon does also split things up even when the group items into as few shipping as possible option is picked so its not like there’s much of a difference.

Looks like I’ll be doing more online shopping! The daddy probably won’t approve but that’s out of my control.


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