Still in love with the water

This morning Sophia woke up very late and very wet because her diaper had leaked. In a bid to get her to change quickly so that she can get to school in time and be in pee covered clothes for a shorter time, we told her that its waterplay day at school so she should do everything quickly and get to school quickly.

Well what do you know, she was excited alright, but not exactly in a cooperative way. She dashed to get her swim diapers and refused to put on normal diapers, throwing them away when we approach her with one. We finally caved on that and put her in  swim diapers but then she refused to put on normal going out clothes, saying “no no, cannot! Swimming costume!”It took a long time to convince her that she needs to put on normal clothes to get to school before changing into swimming costume.

I guess its not a bad thing to like water, better than fearing water!

IMG_3199[1] IMG_3198[1]

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