Sly Sophia

Now that Sophia is more and more capable of higher order thinking, she’s really showing her sneakiness. Here are some examples:

Wash your hands

When I came home from work the other hand, she commanded that I wash my hands at her toy kitchen. Fine, I do that and after that I asked her where is the towel to dry my hands on because usually after she pretend-washes her hands, she would get a towel from her chest of drawers and get herself a hand towel to wipe her hands off. She told me to flick my hands dry and demonstrated but I told her but flicking doesn’t get the hands completely dry, I need a towel. She thought for a moment and meanwhile I noticed the 2 hand towels on the toy kitchen towel, one dry and one wet. What do you know, she picked up the wet towel, handed it to me and said “only wet wet towel.” So I pretend-wiped my (dry) hands dry on a wet towel (the irony of it). When I was done, I told Sophia she needs to wash her hands too and what do you know, she used the dry towel to wipe her own hands! After she has told me there is “only wet wet towel”!!! To think she couldn’t even share a dry towel with mummy, and not as if my hands were really wet. Hmph.

Lets get our hands on those keys

As I was leaving home for work I told Sophia “mama’s going to work” and the little girl began to cry. Oh that poor thing misses mummy so I went over to give her a hug. What do you know, she grabbed my handbag, fished for my keys and dashed towards the locked drawers that she is forever trying to open, laughing happily. What she wanted was never the hug!

Poor Sophia

She really knows how to milk as much sympathy as possible from grandpa. Her daddy left a wet umbrella on the living room floor and she fell down stepping on the wet floor. Obviously there would be an immediate commotion but it should have all been over by the time I got home except that I knew to bring my wet umbrella to the laundry area to dry, which prompted comments from grandpa that “see, that’s the right thing to do” to daddy, which then reminded Sophia of the fall. What does she do? She returns to the spot of the fall and lies down, saying “fall down, pain pain!” very pitifully multiple times. Nobody really believed her, but that did not stop her Oscar-winning performance.

Of course I can sing

Today Sophia’s daddy attended the meet-the-parents session at her school and, as I suspected, Sophia never speaks at school. As a result, the teachers mistakenly thought she didn’t know a lot of things. For example, the teachers indicated that she was working on counting to 5 when she already could count to 13 and is working her way up. The teacher also complained that she can’t sing simple songs. Well, after she heard that, Sophia decided to sing twinkle twinkle little star, forcing the teacher to eat her words. The cheeky little girl!

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