Hello hello, what’s this thing that rings?

Sophia recently had her first encounter with a corded phone and was fascinated. Of course, it helped that her granduncle pretended to call her on it. When was the last time you saw a corded phone? This so reminds me that we’re raising a different generation. Remember how when we were young our parents could screen our calls because our friends had to call our land line and had to ask for whoever they wanted to speak to? And how it was such a privilege to have a phone in your own room when the rest of us plebs had to sit in the living room within earshot of everyone to talk? Or how, wow, it was so amazing to have caller ID so we can dash to the phone and pick it up if its from our friends. Now, kids just have their own handphones, that they will have their own ways and means to get their hands on even if parents refuse to buy them one, and use it they will. In this era, we really need to be very careful how we raise our kids. Very, very careful.

Sophia, phonecall for you!

Sophia, phonecall for you!


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