Merry Christmas!

My family, being the pragmatist as we always are, celebrate Christmas early so we avoid the crowd. This year, I put up my hand to organise the party and had a ball of a time. The major complaint from participants is – there is too much food. And my mum as usual think I’m being wasteful but hey, festivals are meant to be celebrated with abundance!

Abundant food


Our dining table really can’t hold much more food than that!

Christmas tree cheeseballThis christmas tree cheeseball served with crackers was a bit, including with the tiniest member of the party:



That was a very intense expression!

HappyOf course! Sophia’s favourite person was there so she’s a happy camper as well.

guitarNot to mention getting to play with daddy’s guitar. (I don’t even know how she knows this is called a guitar)

chocolate barsCan anyone enlighten me where can I still get foil wrapped chocolate bars? Those would look perfect with these personalised wrappers.

And so with this festive post, we here are Sophiastory wish one and all a Merry Christmas and a great year in 2013!





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